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Children often have dental problems: tooth decay, malocclusion, pulpitis. And this is not all situations that may arise as a result of improper care. Children’s dentistry is unique in this matter: you need to not only know how to act if something like this has happened, but also be able to find an approach to each child.

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What is the difference between pediatric dentistry and adult clinic

In any field of medicine there is a specialist. Of course, a dentist who treats an adult’s teeth can help a child at a critical moment. But in pediatric dentistry there is one feature, doctors receive a special license that allows you to work with children. And this is very important, because you still need knowledge of child psychology, the ability to calm and set up a child for treatment. It is worth noting that dental diseases and treatment methods in adults and children are completely different.

Do I need to treat baby teeth in pediatric dentistry

Many parents are mistaken when they think that the baby’s milk teeth can not be treated, because they will fall out anyway. So it does not work. Milk teeth grow up to about 12-13 years. During this time, the correct bite is formed, the jaw reaches the desired size and over time, permanent teeth appear in place of temporary teeth. And so that permanent teeth erupt healthy, so that the child grows happy, receiving joy from chewed apples, nuts and other things, you need to be regularly observed by a doctor in pediatric dentistry. And you should also be aware that if a milk tooth is prematurely removed, then all other teeth may shift. Therefore, there is a chance that a permanent tooth will grow out of place and this will already become a problem in adulthood.

From what age do you need to lead a child to pediatric dentistry

The answer to this question is obvious: the sooner the better. The child must get used to “his doctor” – sometimes this requires several visits. Do not wait for the child to have all the teeth grown, start contacting a specialist from the moment the baby is 2-3 months old. Indeed, in pediatric dentistry will help prevent tooth abnormalities. For example, if a child has a shortened frenulum of the tongue, then the mother may come into contact with the problem of feeding at an early age. In the future, this will affect speech, namely, sound pronunciation. To avoid such problems, you just need to come to the pediatric dentist in time.

How to prepare a child for a trip to pediatric dentistry

Each child is a unique person with his own psychosomatics. Usually children are afraid to go to the dentist, thinking that they will be hurt there. It should be noted that this was 20 years ago. In modern 21st century dentistry, QRD Dental specialists use innovative methods of treating the teeth of small patients. At the same time, you should pre-prepare the child so that he confides as much as possible and gets rid of unnecessary scary thoughts. Before visiting the dentist, talk with your child about this at home in a playful way. Explain why this is necessary and that there is nothing to worry about.

In addition, QRD Dental dentistry offers free study visits. Children themselves can make sure that they will be comfortable with us – we involve small patients in the game and even treat them with healthy snacks. After that, the good “Dr. Aybolit” will become his friend and take care of sick teeth.

If the children have problems with their teeth, you must certainly take them to the dentist. And the surest decision will be children’s dentistry. Write or better call us right now to make an appointment!

In dentistry QRD Dental, the best dental techniques will work with your child, which will not only cure the baby’s teeth, but will also advise on any issue: from choosing a toothbrush to a complete oral care. Our specialists take care of each patient, regardless of age. Book an appointment with us today!

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