Cost of dental services

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Consultation and diagnostics
Service name
Consultation without examination of the oral cavity (up to 15 minutes)
Consultation of a dentist-therapist
500,00 UAH
Consultation of a pediatric dentist
500,00 UAH
Consultation of a gnatologist
500,00 UAH
Consultation of a dentist-surgeon, implantologist/orthopedic
500,00 UAH
First aid
1 000,00 UAH
Removal of gingival deposits, brushing teeth - 2 jaws / Ultrasonic supragingival brushing and air - abrasive polishing (Air Flow with glycine)
2 500,00 UAH
Anesthesia and anesthesiology
Service name
Application anesthesia
90,00 UAH
Anesthesia (conductive, infiltration)
340,00 UAH
Consultation with an anesthesiologist
800,00 UAH
Anesthesia in one year (at the partner's rate)
from 5 000,00 UAH
Children’s dentistry
Service name
Consultation of a pediatrician with a treatment plan
500,00 UAH
Treatment of pulpitis of a milk tooth (amputation)
850,00 грн
Treatment of periodontitis of a milk tooth
1 050,00 грн
Sealing of dental fissures of 1 tooth
800,00 грн
Caries treatment – fillings, restorations
Service name
Photopolymer filling - initial caries (All stages of treatment are included in the price)
2 290,,00 UAH
Photopolymer filling - medium caries (All stages of treatment are included in the price)
2 890,,00 UAH
Photopolymer filling - deep caries (All stages of treatment are included in the price)
3 490,00 UAH
Tooth restoration (artist restoration) (The price includes all stages of treatment)
from 3 500,00 UAH
Endodontic treatment
Service name
Premolar treatment (Bioceramics) is primary
6 000,00 UAH
Premolar treatment (Bioceramics) is primary
9 000,00 UAH
Primary molar treatment (Bioceramics).
11 000,00 грн
Repeated incisor, canine treatment (Bioceramics).
7 500,00 грн
Premolar treatment (Bioceramics) repeated
10 000,00 грн
Treatment of the molar (Bioceramics) is repeated
13 000,00 грн
Service name
Periodontist consultation
1 500,00 UAH
Remineralizing therapy of two jaws
200,00 UAH
Conservative treatment of periodontitis 1 st
17 990,00 UAH
Treatment of periodontitis is conservative, 2nd century
25 390,00 UAH
Treatment of periodontitis is conservative, 3rd century
33 190,00 UAH
Service name
Consultation with an orthodontist
500,00 UAH
Consultation with a gnathologist
700,00 UAH
Consultation of an orthodontist extended TRG, OPTG
2 200,00 UAH
Diagnostic model (pair)
700,00 UAH
Bracket system arc replacement (BS)
600,00 UAH
Correction, replacement of ligature Bracket system (BS)
350,00 UAH
Additional element Bracket system (BS)
800,00 UAH
Occlusion pad
400,00 UAH
250,00 UAH
260,00 UAH
450,00 UAH
Micro implant
4 500,00 UAH
Bracket System Removal (BS)
2 500,00 UAH
2 500,00 UAH
Easy bite (Visualization)
5 500,00 UAH
Easy bite 1 cap eyeliner
3 000,00 UAH
Easy bite (from 22 pcs)
80 000,00 UAH
175 000,00 UAH
Replaceable devices up to 12 years (trainers)
6 500,00 UAH
Interchangeable devices of 1 types of complexity
6 500,00 UAH
Interchangeable devices of 2 types of complexity
8 000,00 UAH
Interchangeable devices of 3 types of complexity
10 000,00 UAH
Bracket system (BS) metal 1 jaw
15 000,00 UAH
Bracket system (BS) ceramic 1 jaw
22 000,00 UAH
Bracket system (BS) sapphire 1 jaw
23 000,00 UAH
Service name
Installation of an implant Straumann (Switzerland) SLA Roxolid BLX
From 470 €
Installation of the implant Dentis (South Korea)
350 $
Installation of implant Straumann (Switzerland) SLActive Roxolid BLX
540 €
Surgical dentistry
Service name
Removal of tooth 1 and 2 - root (The price already includes anesthesia and suturing of the hole)
1 750,00 UAH
Removal of tooth 3 - root (The price already includes anesthesia and suturing of the hole)
2 200,00 UAH
Removal of a "wisdom" tooth is typical (analgesia and suturing of the hole are already included in the price)
3 800,00 UAH
Closure of external root resorption
3 000,00 грн
Prosthetics of teeth with support on implants
Service name
Metal-ceramic crown with screw fixation
230,00 USD
Zircon crown. ceramic on an implant with screw fixation
250,00 USD
Professional hygiene and teeth whitening
Service name
Professional teeth cleaning (Plus- Erythritol)
2500 грн
Teeth polishing
400 грн
Whitening (Opalescence) - in the clinic 1 jaw
2500 грн
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    QRD Dental is a new accessible dentistry form

    Dental treatment scares many people. And the first barrier is the cost. It’s no secret that high-quality dental treatment requires financial investments. QRD Dental bust stereotypes and myths about expensive and painful dentistry. Here, you will find answers to questions about treatment, pricing, and modern therapy approaches.


    What is an innovative dentistry? How does QRD differ from similar medical centers?

    QRD Dental is a new generation clinic that focuses on collegial treatment. A team of certified specialists, like dentist-therapist, surgeon, anesthesiologist work with each patient, and the therapeutic approach differ from the usual methods completely. Using unique materials and being attentive results in high-quality therapy, comfort, and safety. At the same time, the pricing policy is loyal, and the overall cost is down to earth.


    Treatment guarantee

    We provide a treatment warranty of up to 5 years and prosthetics – up to 7 years. The implantation has a lifetime warranty, regardless of the country you live in.

    The main difference between a dental clinic and QRD Dental is the assurance of the quality of the materials. The medical center offers warranties but with one requirement, that a patient visit for check-ups twice a year.

    Why the treatment can be so expensive?

    The price of qualified dental treatment with top-notch materials remains competitive in the Ukrainian market. These factors affect the cost of treatment:

    • materials;
    • treatment complexity;
    • personnel salaries who create a comfortable environment;
    • technical equipment.

    Often, the more patient postpones the visit, the more expensive the treatment gets. Also, the cost of cosmetic dentistry cannot be compared with the cost of a full-fledged surgical operation. Do not ignore the first symptoms (pain, discomfort, slight swelling). It indicates the existing problem.


    How to save money when going to the dentist?

    Contact a specialist before your teeth start to hurt or decay if you want to save a coin. Checking-up twice a year will surely save you a large chunk of your budget. The patients of the clinic also receive a discount on dental treatment. Also, you can use discount programs. They make it possible to save up to 30% on standard and preventive treatment additionally. Find out more about other package programs on the website.