Portfolio of QRD Dental dentists

The dentist’s portfolio is an important marker of his competence and an indicator of the quality of the performed medical procedures. When choosing a doctor, most patients, although guided more by the recommendations of friends, still study the reviews and look through the portfolio.
If it is possible to attribute fictitious merits to the doctor in the reviews, then the portfolio speaks for itself.
To evaluate the work of our specialists, we have prepared a portfolio in various dental areas.

Portfolio of a dentist – therapist and periodontist

Dentist – therapist deals with the treatment of teeth in adults. Patients come to him with a complaint of acute pain, with the need to restore the tooth or the anterior dentition.
Professional oral care procedures – hygienic cleaning, whitening – are performed by a periodontist.

In our portfolio, you can familiarize yourself with the above works and appreciate the qualifications of our dentist therapist and periodontist. And more information on the procedures, cost and the need for these medical procedures can be found in the relevant sections of our website.

Orthodontist Dentist Doctor Portfolio

The orthodontist dentist corrects the pathology of dentition in children and adults.
For the patient to receive a beautiful, healthy smile, various methods of tooth straightening are used. You can get acquainted with them in detail in the corresponding section of our website.

The portfolio of an orthodontist, in turn, shows how effective bite correction and alignment of the dentition with braces and aligners can be with a competent professional approach.

Pediatric Dentist Portfolio

The pediatric dentist works with children and adolescents. The main problems that a pediatric dentist treats are caries of milk teeth, difficulties in teething, destruction of enamel. The qualifications of the pediatric dentist of our clinic allow for dental treatment even for children.
Filling teeth, extraction of milk teeth, installing a crown on severely damaged teeth if necessary. We cope with any manipulations perfectly. We also have a license and sufficient qualifications to carry out dental treatment under sedation. Check out our work in the pediatric dentist portfolio.

Portfolio of a dentist – surgeon, orthopedist, prosthetist

Dental surgery and orthopedics are the most problematic areas in dentistry.
Surgeons perform complex tooth extractions, surgical interventions for gum recession, sinus lifting before implantation, flux treatment, and trimming the hyoid frenum.

The orthopedic dentist is the critical link in the implantation process. Therefore, the success of the restoration of the dentition depends on the qualifications of the orthopedist.
A portfolio of a surgeon and orthopedic surgeon and photos of successfully performed operations and implantations help patients understand the qualifications of a doctor and imagine the result they may have after contacting a clinic regarding dental prosthetics, for example.