Installation of aligners in Kyiv

Orthodontists perform the installation of aligners in Kyiv. The use of aligners has become a new trend in solving the problem of bite correction. Transparent mouth guards called aligners are a technology that has been recognized all over the world. It is now replacing the classic bracket systems.

With the help of aligners, you can solve the problem of malocclusion one and a half to two times faster than with braces. Wearing aligners does not cause discomfort, is safe and does not require special care, as is suggested by braces.

Bite correction with aligners is completely digital. Before the start of treatment, the doctor draws up a digital treatment plan. This is a 3D modeling of the gradual movement of teeth, taking into account the individual characteristics and wishes of the patient.

After drawing up a detailed treatment plan, you will be able to receive information about how long the treatment will take, how many aligners are needed to achieve the desired result, as well as visualization of the process of gradual movement of teeth and a smile that you will receive after the treatment. 

Advantages and disadvantages of aligners

As with any method of treatment, aligners have their advantages and disadvantages over alternative methods. So, for example, if we compare aligners with braces, the following advantages can be distinguished:

  1. The speed of achieving the result. In comparison with wearing braces, the effect of treatment with aligners occurs several times faster. In the case of aligners, during preparation, a computer calculation is made on which particular tooth and in what period of time it is necessary to apply the optimal pressure, in contrast to braces, which stretch all the teeth at the same time along the shape of the arc. 
  2. Aesthetics. Transparent mouthguards are almost invisible to outsiders.
  3. Predictability
  4. Efficiency
  5. Comfort. Getting used to aligners lasts a couple of days thanks to the patented production technology from thermoplastic materials and maximum adherence to the teeth. Also, there are no restrictions on the products you use, unlike braces.
  6. Safety. As Aligners do not contain metal elements, the possibility of allergic reactions is excluded, they do not rub the cheeks and gums and do not irritate the mucous membranes. The demineralization process is less in comparison with wearing braces.

However, despite a number of obvious advantages, aligners also have disadvantages, including:

  1. Aligners must be removed before eating, drinking hot drinks or smoking, which may be inconvenient or inappropriate in some situations
  2. The need to constantly monitor putting on aligners after meals or other situations when it was necessary to take them off. Due to the fact that the treatment with aligners is long enough, it is possible to forget to put on the mouthguard or lose it. This will affect both the effectiveness of the treatment and may result in additional expenses.
  3. In case of loss or braking of this orthodontic construction, its restoration can take from a week to a month, depending on the manufacturer.
  4. Aligners are not effective in the treatment of complex occlusion pathologies, they are also not used to align single teeth in the dentition, in contrast to the braces.

Preparation and installation of aligners

Before proceeding directly to the installation of aligners, it is necessary to undergo a planned consultation with the involvement of a dentist, a gnathologist and, of course,  an orthodontist.

The dentist will examine the condition of the teeth and mouth. The presence of caries, gum inflammation, plaque and tartar are temporary contraindications for bite correction with aligners. If one of the above problems exists, then the dentist will help to eliminate it and prepare the oral cavity for orthodontic treatment.

A consultation with a gnathologist is essential for a successful alignment, since it is the gnathologist who conducts the orthodontic treatment of patients. This is a rather complex and serious process, in which it is necessary to correctly set the ratio of the temporomandibular joints and form a bite.

Further, as mentioned above, a digital treatment plan is put down and if the expected result suits the patient, the orthodontist proceeds directly to the installation of aligners.

After completing the course of orthodontic treatment, the patient can contact the orthopedic dentist to restore the aesthetics of the smile, if necessary. Usually, this problem is solved by installing ceramic veneers.

Сonsulting doctors

Contraindications to the installation of aligners

We have already mentioned temporary contraindications to the installation of aligners. There are also a number of contraindications, in which the alignment of the teeth is carried out in an alternative way, or it is not possible at all.

Aligners are not used in the treatment of complex orthodontic defects. In this case, the council of specialists decides whether it is possible to treat with braces, or other options are selected, for example, partial removal of teeth with subsequent prosthetics.

The presence of severe neurological, immunological, or mental illness is an absolute contraindication for orthodontic treatment.

Prices for the installation of aligners on a turn-key basis

The prices for the installation of aligners on a turn-key basis depend on many factors. In order to understand the final cost of teeth straightening with orthodontic aligners, it is necessary to undergo an examination and draw up a digital treatment protocol.

The final price will include medical procedures for preparing the oral cavity for the installation of aligners, the cost of consulting by specialists, the cost of manufacturing a mouthguard, taking into account the number of aligners required.

You can get more detailed information on prices and procedures by contacting the clinic. Call the number that you see on the website and sign up for the QRD Dental clinic at a time convenient for you.

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