Gum recession causes, symptoms and treatment at the QRD Dental Clinic

Лечение флюса

Elimination of gum recession is another popular service in QRD Dental dentistry. To successfully cope with the problem of recessions, we take a comprehensive approach to the problem. We involve specialists from periodontology and surgery to make the treatment as effective as possible.

Gingival recession is the drooping of the gums locally or throughout the jaw, resulting in the exposure of the root of the tooth, which in turn causes sensitivity, and without timely treatment, can lead to loosening and loss of the tooth.

Most often, gum recession is experienced by patients after 40 years of age, but the disease can manifest at a younger age.

In addition to the apparent aesthetic defect that worries patients in the initial stages of the development of the disease, gingival prolapse also entails other dental problems – inflammation of the gums, caries and wedge-shaped defects in the exposed areas of the tooth root, which undoubtedly require treatment.

Recession symptoms

The most apparent symptom of gum recession will be visible receding gums and the so-called visual “lengthening” of the tooth. That is the symptom that the patient can notice and immediately consult a doctor. At the same time, the disease can affect one tooth initially and later cover the entire dentition of both the upper and lower jaws.

A secondary symptom will be the appearance of tooth sensitivity, a reaction to sour, cold and hot.

If you do not seek help in time and start the disease, then most likely bleeding and inflammation of the gums are added to the above symptoms, and the tooth becomes mobile.

Causes of gum recession

Causes that can cause gum recession to include:

  • Injury to the gums, for example, when aggressively brushing your teeth with a stiff toothbrush.
  • Periodontitis – if left untreated, is a common cause of gum loss. Gum dystrophy also accompanies such a rare disease as periodontal disease.
  • An incorrect bite can cause localized gum recessions since the chewing load is disturbed in certain jaw areas.
  • Tongue or lip piercings are also often the cause of gum tissue loss.
  • Extraction of teeth without subsequent implantation.

Undoubtedly, gum recession significantly impairs the quality of life of patients. That is why it is essential to visit the dentist regularly and monitor oral hygiene to detect the problem as early as possible and prevent complications.

Сonsulting doctors

Treatment of gum recession in QRD Dental Clinic

Удаление флюса в стоматологии QRD Dental

Treatment for gum recession depends on the severity. There are three types in total:

  • light – when the gum has dropped by 1-3 mm
  • medium – 3-5 mm
  • severe – gum loss is more than 5 mm

A mild degree of recession is amenable to conservative treatment, consisting of anti-inflammatory therapy, professional oral hygiene and correction of hygiene measures carried out at home.

A periodontist carries out treatment of mild recessions according to existing protocols. With timely treatment, the prognosis of conservative treatment is favourable.

In more advanced cases, surgical treatment is performed when the effectiveness of anti-inflammatory therapy is questionable, and the degree of recession is moderate or severe.

That can be a flap operation – when an incision is made on the gum, the flap is lifted and the root is cleaned, then the gum fragment is attached to the tooth.

Or local gingival plasty – a flap is taken from the patient’s palate for plasty, or if more tissue is needed, a flap made of an artificial material based on collagen is used. Thus, the missing tissues are built up as part of the operation.

Both types of surgical treatment are performed under local anaesthesia. They are characterized by a short recovery period while successfully solving the problem of recessions and restoring the aesthetic appearance of the gum cover.

In the QRD Dental clinic, surgical treatment is performed by a dentist – a surgeon with extensive experience and compliance with world protocols, which guarantees an effective solution to the problem and the absence of complications.

Also, after the operation, the doctor will give all recommendations for recovery and will be in touch 24/7 in case of discomfort or questions.

Price of gum recession treatment

Симптомы и лечение флюса на десне

The cost of treating recessions will depend on each case. To understand the price of the upcoming treatment, you must first get a consultation with a dentist. The doctor will assess the condition of the oral cavity, prescribe additional examinations if necessary, and draw up a treatment plan, forming the final cost.

In some cases, it may also be necessary to consult a surgeon who will perform gum plastic surgery if conservative treatment is not possible at the time of treatment. The doctor evaluates the condition of the gums before and after the surgical treatment and provides a guarantee. That is what distinguishes the QRD Dental clinic from other dentistry. The competence of our doctors allows us to guarantee all the services of the clinic and be responsible for the final result.

Suppose you have already been diagnosed with gum recession. In that case, however, if you have doubts about the proposed treatment plan or the need for surgery or want to hear an alternative opinion from another specialist, you can get advice both at the appointment at our clinic and online.

Call the number you see on the site, and our administrator will select a convenient time for you and answer all your questions.

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