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An orthodontist in Kyiv is an important part of a professional team in every dental clinic. A good specialist in orthodontics is irreplaceable, because the correct functioning of the dentition depends on him.

The task of any dentist is to provide you with healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. The orthodontist plays a significant role in this.

Orthodontics is a separate branch of dentistry. It deals with the elimination of defects in the maxillofacial skeleton. Problems with which the orthodontist will help to cope are the following:

  • bite pathology
  • gaps between the front teeth
  • crooked and twisted teeth
  • uneven dentition
  • improper development of the dentition

All of the above problems are not only aesthetic in nature. An incorrect bite can cause disruption in the functioning of the musculoskeletal system and the digestive tract. Therefore, if you have any irregularities, you should definitely visit an orthodontist.

In the QRD Dental clinic you can visit the orthodontist at a convenient time. You just need to make an appointment by calling us at the number that you see on the website or using the registration form.

Consulting doctors

Children's orthodontist

дитяча стоматологічна ортодонтія

A children’s orthodontist may be needed in case of abnormal growth of permanent teeth. If you start orthodontic treatment in childhood at the stage of bite formation, you can avoid a lot of problems in adulthood.

The children’s orthodontist knows all the age-related features of the formation of the dental-jaw system. He will select the treatment taking into account these features. For example, braces are not installed for younger children to straighten their teeth. Removable orthodontic constructions are used instead, such as mouth guards, trainers, plates.

In our clinic you can get advice from an orthodontist for children and teenagers. We know how to get along even with the smallest patients. So we guarantee that our doctors will examine the oral cavity of children with minimal discomfort. The orthodontist will also select an effective treatment plan, no matter how difficult your child’s case is.

How to choose an orthodontist?

ортодонтія QRD-Dental

The qualification of an orthodontist plays a very important role in the results of orthodontic treatment. The duration and costs of orthodontic constructions used to straighten teeth or correct bite depend on how correctly the treatment tactics will be chosen.

In order to choose the right orthodontist and not waste time and money, you should pay attention to the following tips:

A certificate confirming the right to practice orthodontics. Since a dentist’s diploma does not allow a doctor to conduct an orthodontic appointment. At the university, orthodontics is taught superficially. Only during postgraduate training does the doctor receive the necessary amount of knowledge.

  1. Continuous development and improvement of working methods and own skills. Orthodontics is a science that does not stand still. That is why in order to provide services at a modern level, it is necessary to constantly educate yourself, attend lectures, seminars and take advanced training courses.
  2. Specialist portfolio. It is very important that the specialist has a wealth of experience in successful treatment. It is advisable to familiarize yourself with the portfolio in order to form your impression based on the results of the treatment of other patients of the orthodontist.

Coming to QRD Dental clinic you can forget about finding a good orthodontist forever, because we have already done it for you. The specialists of our clinic are not only talented dentists, they are also professionals in their field. All our employees are constantly trained, improve their qualifications, and also keep up with the times and give preference to modern effective methods of treatment.

At the consultation with an orthodontist, you will receive information on the recommended treatment, the amount of additional examinations required and the estimated cost. Our orthodontist will also show you his cases with similar problems. And, of course, he will give detailed answers to all questions about the proposed treatment tactics.

Reviews about the orthodontist

Відгуки про стоматолога ортодонта

Reviews about the orthodontist is another opportunity to be convinced of the specialist’s qualifications, in addition to the portfolio. On our website you can read the reviews of our patients. If you still have any doubts, then study additional reviews about us on social networks and on third-party services. People talk about us and trust us!

Do you have any doubts or questions? Contact us in any convenient way! We value our patients very much and we are always ready to help and walk all the way to the smile of your dreams together with you.

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Medical director, dentist-orthopedis

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