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Absolutely every person needs professional oral hygiene. This will tell you any specialist in the field of dentistry. The fact is, when we eat something, deposits appear on our teeth that cannot be removed with an ordinary toothbrush or even with a thread. Let’s look at how professional hygiene is carried out – what procedures are included here, with what frequency they need to be done and talk about other details.

What is professional dental hygiene?

Many people believe, thanks to advertising on TV, that it’s enough to brush your teeth twice a day after eating, rinse them and use dental floss so that the smile is snow-white and healthy. But, unfortunately, everything is not as rosy as it appears in commercials. On hand throughout the day there is no brush or mouth rinse, and chewing gum with a plentiful dose of sugar is generally not an option for a modern person who takes care of his health.

That is why the professional dental hygiene that the dentist deals with is so important. This direction helps prevent tooth decay, as well as the appearance of other diseases.

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Why do you need professional oral hygiene?

On the teeth, plaque constantly accumulates during each day, due to which an unpleasant odor appears. In addition, food debris can cause gum disease before you brush your teeth or floss. What does the dentist do? Right! It removes all plaque that has accumulated between the teeth, in crevices where the brush does not reach. It also removes stones, if any, and they are found in 85% of customers. By the way, tartar appears precisely when the oral cavity is improperly taken care of, and are formed due to food debris, as well as microorganisms that died but remained in the oral cavity.

All this can be removed only with the help of a set of procedures that make up professional oral hygiene. This way you will avoid a number of problems regarding the smile. The best solution for maintaining healthy teeth is to come to the dentist in time and take advantage of a professional brushing service.

How often do you need professional dental hygiene?

In fact, it’s enough to go to the dentist for a dental check literally twice a year. This is quite a bit, right? In addition, professional dental hygiene usually takes up to half an hour and only in more difficult situations up to 1-2 hours. If you take the necessary sessions regularly, then you are unlikely to have any problems in the future. It is advisable to carry out the procedure before you are going to treat all the teeth, or put a seal. After all, the gums should be in good condition. And it will also simplify the task for the doctor when he will choose the color of the material in order to “patch the holes”.

How is professional oral hygiene done?

This dental complex is completely safe, painless and consists of several stages: removing deposits on the teeth with ultrasound, treating hard-to-reach places with a special jet and polishing with paste. A dentist can also apply varnish, gel or a solution to protect the teeth from bacteria. We assure you, after performing professional oral hygiene, you will feel the difference between the “before and after”: even the color of the teeth will become a half tone lighter. But remember that you need to maintain this care regularly for both adults and children.

So now is the time to sign up at the QRD Dental Dental Clinic for professional oral hygiene. We promise you will enjoy the result! Our experts will do everything quickly and efficiently. Call us right now and take advantage of additional privileges for your entire family, thanks to family packages, brushing your teeth for the whole family becomes even more affordable!

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