In Ancient Greece, it was believed that if a tooth hurts, you need to get rid of it — to tear up with the roots, without any anesthesia. So there was a dental surgery. Only modern dentistry, fortunately, is completely different in its approach to work. To begin with, the dentist is looking for ways to save the tooth while it is “alive” and can perform its functions. And only as a last resort is removal recommended.

Сonsulting doctors

Professional Dental Surgery

Dentistry of the XXI century — is limitless! With the development of science, the dental field is constantly developing. When you first hear about a dental surgeon, the thought arises in your head that this is a doctor who only removes teeth. However, we note once again that professional dental surgeons not only remove teeth, but also restore bone tissue, implant and save teeth, it would seem, in the most hopeless cases. QRD Dental dentistry employs exclusively qualified doctors. In dental surgery you will be offered, first, the right treatment. And most importantly, they will solve problems with the jaw in case of improper structure, malocclusion, in case of injury or if you want to restore lost teeth.

When to go to dental surgery

Everyone knows that you need to go to the dentist at least twice a year to conduct a dental examination: cure tooth decay, do preventive cleaning, put a seal and so on. If you start oral care, it is possible that the dentist will immediately refer you to the surgeon. But do not panic, because today there are no problems that cannot be solved.

They are sent to dental surgery in cases when it is impossible to carry out treatment, namely: it is necessary to remove the entire tooth, in part, there are inflammatory processes or a cyst. The dental surgery include implantation. By the way, did you know that before doctors used animal teeth instead of an implant? There were amazing decisions before! But for you and me there are much more modern ways — we use high-quality artificial materials that last up to 20-30 years.

Is it possible to immediately put an implant in a dental surgery after tooth extraction?

Many have to endure tooth extraction, and sometimes even several. Of course, the feeling after surgery is not one of the most pleasant. And I want the smile to have no “gaps”. Therefore, dentists came to the decision that it was possible not to delay, but to do everything at once — this is what modern dental surgery is unique to. A pre-prepared implant can be put in place of a torn tooth. Such an operation is called simultaneous. True, there are limitations that you will have to pay attention to. For example, if a tooth was removed due to an inflamed cyst, the bone tissue is not dense enough, or it is necessary to wait for the healing of the gums and bone tightening. At the same time, the decision on the staging of surgical processes should be discussed in consultation with a doctor, because the situation of each client is always individual. Perhaps your question is easily resolved. Call QRD Dental and sign up for a consultation with a dental surgeon, our experts will offer the best solution for you!

Dental surgery has many features. If you need to remove a wisdom tooth, place an implant or just a consultation, contact the QRD Dental Dental Clinic. Experienced specialists will help you find the answer to any exciting question. Call us right now and sign up for a convenient time!

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