Dental treatment for pregnant women

When you are waiting for the birth of a baby – this is an amazing feeling. But 9 months is a very long time. Due to hormonal changes, mothers often have problems with their teeth and you should always have the phone of a good dentist on hand. Dental treatment in pregnant women can not be compared with the usual trip to the doctor. At least because for women awaiting the birth of a child, not all manipulations are allowed.

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Features of dental treatment in pregnant women

Every woman’s body perceives pregnancy in completely different ways. I must say that at this time, not only does the hormonal background change, but calcium metabolism is also disturbed, which causes problems with the oral cavity. What will happen with a smile during and after pregnancy largely depends on the state of the mother’s teeth before the conception of the baby. If there was caries or other diseases, then with a 99% probability the problems will only worsen. Therefore, pregnant women’s dental treatment is a separate case to which QRD Dental dentists pay special attention.

Our main recommendation is to start treating your teeth before you even decide to become a mom. If you are still planning a child, be sure to sign up for a consultation with our specialists in order to check the condition of your teeth and get professional recommendations for oral care. For those who are already in position, we recommend that you do the same thing – be sure to check your teeth, take preventative measures and, if necessary, carry out treatment right now, even if nothing hurts. Do not wait for a toothache, because according to Murphy’s laws, the problem of a toothache catches up at the most inopportune moment. Sign up for QRD Dental right now to save your health!

The best time to treat pregnant women

The sooner you start treatment, the less likely you are to have dental problems when you are already in position. We are often asked: “Who is involved in the treatment of teeth in pregnant women?”. The answer is obvious: only professional dentists – dentists of QRD Dental dentistry can take this responsibility. If you are already expecting a baby, then the most favorable and safest time for dental procedures is from 14 to 27 weeks. At this stage, the placenta reliably protects the child from external actions, which is important. At the same time, our specialists will receive you at a later date if necessary. Most importantly, call the QRD Dental clinic right now!

Are there any prohibitions for dental treatment in pregnant women?

As elsewhere, there are taboos. The body of every pregnant woman is more sensitive to different dental procedures. For example, in the first trimester, it is advisable to completely abandon any medical interventions using medications: in particular, from anesthesia. Dental treatment in pregnant women requires care and caution, so be sure to inform your doctor about his situation before he starts to work. The same goes for the third trimester. If you are afraid of treatment, then you should not do this now. All sorts of disturbing moments must be avoided so as not to harm the child. But at the permitted time, you can safely fill the teeth, treat caries, remove teeth, treat gums and other dental services.

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