Put a seal

When your body needs attention, and especially an important tool such as teeth, you need to pay attention to it. After all, if you put a seal on time, you can save your teeth and use them for many more years. Of course, the treatment is not limited to just a filling: if there is a problem that has led you to the dentist, then you should take the time to figure it out.

What are the prices to put a seal

The issue of the price of installing a seal is a very loose concept. After all, seals come from different materials, with different properties and characteristics. As a rule, the dentist puts a seal to “preserve” the problem. And the price of installing a seal also depends on the complexity of the work.

Roughly installing a seal in various dentistry in Kiev can cost from 300-600 UAH and reaches several thousand, depending on the materials used, the complexity of the work, the level and service of the clinic. In consultation with the doctor, you should learn more about what work will be done with the teeth and what fillings will be placed.

Сonsulting doctors

Modern fillings

We all remember how, only 10-15 years ago, no one wanted to go to the dentist to place fillings – the smell of the so-called “cement” fillings was not the most pleasant, and the process itself caused extremely unpleasant sensations. By the way, low standards of free medicine are still operating in communal clinics. But in modern clinics, such as QRD Dental, your teeth will be taken care of with the necessary level of service and high comfort!

One of the most popular seals for installation today is chemically hardening composite, as well as light composite seals, hardening under the influence of special ultraviolet light. When using these techniques, durable and beautiful fillings are obtained. You can also thoroughly choose the color scheme for the tooth and its transparency.

Where to put a seal

We recommend that you contact only professional dentists to place a seal. It is best to make sure of a doctor’s qualification at a consultation. Sign up for QRD Dental dentistry and get to know our best doctors, who will not only be able to make a quality seal, but will also tell you how to cure a problem tooth, and will write a detailed individual treatment plan.

Call us now! Come for a consultation with the whole family – because it is better not to put seals as necessary, but to prevent problems. Waiting for you!

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