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There are many dentists in Kyiv. In addition, each private dental clinic and state polyclinic employs several specialists with the appropriate education.

And choosing a dentist from hundreds of options, the patient is lost. So what to look for when choosing a doctor? What questions to ask? How to understand that you have found a good doctor and that the treatment will be carried out with high quality, and the result will last for a long time?

When we opened our QRD Dental clinic, we asked the same questions. How can we find a very good dentist who can do the job at a high level, has the appropriate education, and will share the values ​​of the clinic, namely:

  • Each patient is a person whom we respect and take care of her health.
  • Safe and painless work for the patient
  • The quality of the work performed
  • The durability of the result

That is why, when assembling a team of dentists, we approached the issue of personnel selection with all responsibility. For us, the following points were important:

  • Availability of education, relevant qualifications, and skills in a particular field of dentistry
  • Ability to evaluate your work and accept criticism
  • Patient focus and willingness to help
  • Continuous improvement of your skills
  • Politeness, tact, and professionalism

It took us a lot of time to assemble a team of dentists who live their work and share the ideas and values ​​of the clinic’s founders. However, each doctor who works with us has passed more than one test and managed to show his professionalism and humanity.

Let’s consider the clinic as a single organism. Each specialist is responsible for their task, which allows us to apply an integrated approach to treating dental problems and achieve the best results.

Choosing dentists of QRD Dental clinic, you will always get:
– services provided at a high professional level

– quality service and care 24/7

– friendly atmosphere

– quality control and a guarantee for the treatment performed

We are proud to present to you our team of Kyiv dentists.

When choosing dentists at the QRD Dental clinic, you will always get:

  • services provided at a high professional level
  • quality service and care 24/7
  • friendly atmosphere
  • quality control and guarantee for the treatment

We are proud to present you our team of dentists in Kyiv
Makhinya Valery
Medical director, dentist-orthopedist-gnathologist, surgeon. Veneers, prosthetics on implants, surgical dentistry, occlusion to eliminate pathologies of the dental and maxillofacial system, ...
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Roman Zhulkovsky
Roman’s profession has grown from a hobby to a matter of a lifetime, which, in his opinion, is the key ...
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Shcheklanov Anton
Novoshytskyy Volodymyr
2009 – graduated from the Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University and received a complete higher education with a degree ...
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Senyk Andrii Yaroslavovych
Orthodontist. Methods of correction of occlusion and alignment of teeth with the use of elastoelainer and Invisiline systems (certified specialist). ...
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Parokha Svitlana
З дитинства я мріяла бути стоматологом. І ось моя мрія здійснилася! Я дуже люблю свою роботу. Займаюся стоматологією більше 15 ...
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Shepeta Maksym
While studying at the Medical University, I realized how important are constant development and self-improvement, professionalism, the ability to obtain ...
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Semenov Anton
I never had a dream to become a dentist, like many of my colleagues. Life turned so that I entered ...
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And we, in turn, will make sure that you are satisfied after you visit our clinic. Feedback is essential for us because every day, we are trying to become better for you!