Sinus lift

What is sinus lifting

During dental treatment, various unforeseen situations can occur. One of them, when they decided to insert a dental implant, but it turned out that there was not enough bone tissue, in other words, the place where it will be fixed is not reliable enough. Such a picture is often found in modern dentistry and, fortunately, has a solution! It is with the help of sinus lift that you can add volume to the bone. Of course, the operation requires surgical intervention, in addition, you will have to wait a few 3-4 months for everything to heal. But further it will be possible to insert rods for the implant without any problems.

Сonsulting doctors

Indoor and outdoor sinus lift: what is the difference

Everything is quite simple. If the dentist has recommended that you do indoor, then consider that luck smiled. This procedure requires less surgical procedures, incisions and, of course, time. It will be more accurate to say that the operation is less traumatic, but this does not apply to open sinus lift. If the bone thickness barely reaches 4 mm, you will have to make an incision on the gum.

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Contraindications to sinus lift

It is not recommended to carry out the operation when the body is weakened and does not have the function of rapid regeneration. There are other reasons why it is forbidden to use sinus lift to build bone. This should be added: exacerbated sinusitis, the rehabilitation period after surgery on the nasal cavity, if you are undergoing chemotherapy, there are tumors, heart failure, frequent alcohol abuse, smoking. There may be other reasons. The dentist in the QRD Dental clinic will tell you more about the obstacles by examining your bone tissue.

Does it hurt to do sinus lifting

All of the above, of course, sounds scary. But do not be afraid. In fact, all dental operations do not last long: they are carried out by experienced specialists and only under anesthesia. So, you will not feel anything. It can be difficult only morally, but we can help to cope with this. In the QRD Dental dentistry we practice study visits – get to know your doctor, examine the cabin, make sure the procedures are safe and sterile. Once you are ready, our dentists will conduct all operations quickly, efficiently and painlessly.

Recommendations after sinus lift surgery

Be sure to adhere to a special diet for some time. Eat food only at room temperature and not solid. You should also abandon bad habits: alcohol, cigarettes. Try hard not to sneeze and not blow your nose, although it is difficult to control this, but still have to try. And most importantly, adhere to the doctor’s recommendations, including medications: drink 3-7 days painkillers and antibiotics. But the most important thing: do not start and do not postpone treatment so that complications do not appear.

Sinus lifting is a procedure that will help not only restore bone tissue, but also regain a stunning smile. Take the chance to regain your tooth and call QRD Dental dentistry right now! Qualitatively and promptly, they will carry out this operation for you, as well as put on a magnificent implant from the best materials. Call us now!

Closed sinus lift

Closed sinus lifting is a more gentle operation, during which the surgeon makes a small hole in the mucosa, deepening the bottom of the sinus through it. Then bone-forming material is introduced through the hole. Closed sinus liftino is performed when the height of the bone reaches 7-8 mm.

When the sinus lift is closed, the implant is implanted at the same time. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia and takes 30 to 90 minutes. It is possible to carry out the closed sinus lifting simultaneously with tooth removal. The recovery period of the mucosa is up to 7 days. Complete bone regeneration takes up to 6 months. Then you can move on to prosthetics.

Prices for sinus lifting in QRD Dental, Kiev

Prices for sinus lifting in QRD Dental dentistry are more than affordable. You can get acquainted with the order of the prices for stomatologic services in the corresponding section of our website. If you want to get a detailed treatment plan – implantation, including the procedure of sinus lifting at all costs – come to consult with the specialists of our clinic.

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Contraindications to sinus lifting

There are a number of temporary and absolute contraindications that do not allow the sinus lifting procedure. These include:

Absence of bone tissue between the mucous membranes of the mouth and maxillary sinus, in which case implantation is almost impossible
Exacerbation of inflammatory diseases of the ENT organs. The issue of sinus lifting can be returned to after complete recovery, which is recommended to take place under the supervision of a specialist
Oncology (chemotherapy)
The presence of HIV infection, the development of acquired human immunodeficiency syndrome
Blood coagulation disorders

There may be other reasons that the dentist at the QRD Dental Clinic will discuss in more detail after examining your bone tissue.

Recommendations after sinus lifting surgery

There are several recommendations that will allow you to undergo a sinus lift procedure easily and without complications, as well as shorten the rehabilitation period. You should:

Eat food only at room temperature and unsteady. Drink the beverage without using a straw.
You should also give up bad habits: alcohol, smoking.
Try not to sneeze or blow your nose, although it is difficult to control this, but still have to try.
Follow the doctor’s recommendations, including medication: drink painkillers and antibiotics for 3-7 days.
But most importantly: if you feel pain, bleeding, or severe edema, fever – see a doctor immediately to identify and eliminate complications.

Sinus lifting is a procedure that will help not only to restore bone tissue, but also to regain a stunning smile.

Take the chance to restore the dentition and call the QRD Dental dentistry right now! Our dentists will perform this operation qualitatively and quickly for you, and also in the future will deliver a magnificent implant from the best materials. Call us right now!

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