Children's orthodontics in Kyiv

дитяча клініка ортодонтія

Early childhood (from three years and older) is a very important period of a child’s development. Active growth and formation of not only the entire organism and the musculoskeletal system takes place, but also the foundations of the muscles of the whole body are laid.

The correct load and function of the muscles is the key to the correct formation of the bones of the skeleton, posture and, as a result, the future health of the entire musculoskeletal system and the body in general.

The task of children’s orthodontics is to maintain the correct function of the muscles of the face and head and fight against so-called bad habits that can affect the growth of facial bones, which include sucking fingers, breathing through the mouth, biting the lips.

Biting and active chewing of hard food from an early age, good nasal breathing, physical development of the child and the correct position of the tongue are also very important factors in the proper development of a person.

The tongue plays a big role in the correct formation of the jaws and facial bones, but only a specialist – a speech therapist or an orthodontist – can assess the harmony of its function. Normally, both at rest and when swallowing, the tongue should be only on the palate behind the upper teeth. The correct position of the tongue ensures the correct growth of the jawbones, therefore, even teeth and a harmonious face.

At the age of three, the child’s maxillofacial system completes the formation of all “adult” functions: chewing, speech, nasal breathing, correct (somatic) swallowing. Therefore, it is at this age that the child should be brought to the orthodontist for an examination for the first time, when deviations noticed in time have not yet led to an incorrect bite, and they can be eliminated.

Symptoms that indicate the need to visit a children’s orthodontist

дитяча ортодонтія київ

Symptoms of deviation from the harmonious development of the facial skeleton are primarily bad habits. If you notice that your child often walks with his mouth closed, breathes poorly through his nose, is reluctant to chew or generally refuses hard food, pronounces some sounds incorrectly (from 5 years and older), this is a reason to consult an orthodontist.

In addition, the symptom is, of course, unevenly growing teeth. At the age of 4-5 years, the baby should have spaces between all the milk teeth – this means that the jaws are growing correctly and are “preparing” for the eruption of larger permanent teeth.

If at this age the teeth are tight, without gaps, this is also a reason to consult an orthodontist. After all, the earlier the anomaly is diagnosed and measures are taken for its treatment, the shorter the time it will take to eliminate it.

Methods used in children's orthodontics

дитяча стоматологічна ортодонтія

The methods used in children’s orthodontics are myogymnastics and appliances. Myogymnastics are exercises for different groups of muscles to correct their function. These are exercises for the tongue, chewing hard food, breathing exercises, and general physical strengthening for postural disorders. Myogymnastics is what will ensure proper muscle function, proper growth of the jaw and guarantee the stability of the achieved treatment results.

Appliances in children’s orthodontics are mostly removable. In general, they are divided into two large groups – trainers (orthopositioners, LM-activators, EF series devices from RMO, etc.) and plate devices (Bioblock and modifications, Andresen activator, etc.).

The most important thing in wearing any orthodontic device is to follow the orthodontist’s recommendations, because the success of orthodontic treatment depends only half on the doctor, and the other half on the patient and his parents.

Make an appointment with a children's orthodontist at the QRD Dental clinic

дитяча ортодонтія ціни

The QRD Dental clinic welcomes experienced specialists, including a pediatric orthodontist. You can make an appointment for a consultation if you notice the alarm bells in your child, which were mentioned above in the article, or if you want to get a professional recommendation and undergo a routine examination.

Our children’s orthodontist is not only a professional in his field, but also gets along well with small patients. Therefore, the visit to the doctor will take place in a calm and friendly atmosphere. Do not postpone a visit to the doctor for later, because the earlier the problem is detected and orthodontic treatment is started, the greater the chances of a successful result without more expensive treatment, such as, for example, the installation of braces.

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If you have any questions, call the indicated number or contact us in any convenient way from those offered on the website!

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