Turnkey dental implantation in Kyiv

Turnkey dental implantation in Kyiv is one of the services provided by QRD Dental dentistry. Implantation is a replacement of an extracted tooth, while an implant is implanted into the jaw, which is then covered with a crown. So you can not only restore the full functionality of the jaw, but also make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible.



Such a tooth looks not much different from a real one, and even if implants are installed on the entire dentition, the smile will look attractive and very natural.

Not many people save all their teeth until old age, so the question of implantation sooner or later becomes relevant, and the search for a clinic is a real challenge for the patient. After all, an important selection criterion will be not only the cost of this procedure, but also the competence of the doctor himself.

The absence of one or more teeth can significantly reduce the quality of life. Your health also directly depends on this, so it is advisable not to postpone dental implantation for an indefinite time, but immediately contact the professionals. These are the doctors who work in QRD Dental dentistry.

In QRD Dental dentistry in Kyiv, turnkey implantation is possible, containing diagnostics, surgery, gum healing, taking dental impressions, crowns and, of course, all the materials and work of specialists.

All our patients are accompanied by an experienced dentist during the entire implantation process, so that the treatment is as fast and comfortable as possible. This is why dental implantation is the best that a dentist can offer you when you need to get rid of a void in your dentition.

At the QRD clinic, you can choose between one-stage and two-stage implantation.



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One-stage dental implantation

One-stage implantation, also called express implantation, allows you to remove a tooth in one step and carry out its restoration with the help of an implant. The doctor installs the implant immediately into the hole, which was formed after the extraction of the tooth.

One-stage implantation involves the absence of surgical procedures, such as dissection of soft tissues and bone, and, accordingly, it has a shorter engraftment period.

If a temporary crown is immediately put on during implantation, then it will be an implantation with an instant load. The temporary crown is replaced with a permanent one after the end of the engraftment period.

Two-stage implantation

Two-stage implantation is a more popular option. In this case, the implants are installed several months after the extraction of the tooth.

QRD specialists recommend proceeding with implantation after consulting a professional dentist. If there are several empty spaces in the dentition, then dental implantation is usually performed immediately to restore all missing teeth. This will be cheaper than implanting each tooth separately.

Preparation and implementation of dental implantation

When preparing for implantation, it is initially necessary to do a CT scan – computed tomography: a scan of the jaw for study, calculations and modeling. Further preparatory work will be performed: teeth cleaning, treatment of adjacent teeth.

If you need to strengthen the bone tissue for the reliability of the implant attachment, QRD Dental professional dentists will certainly offer to build it up. And it is better to do all the processes at once if it is necessary to restore several teeth, so as not to return to each missing tooth separately.

This is followed by the surgical stage of dental implantation: the dentist-surgeon starts to work, prepares the “shafts” for the implants and installs the implants themselves (with a minimally invasive technique, the dentist makes only a puncture of the gums, and with a one-step technique, the implant is placed directly into the hole of the newly extracted tooth).


In a two-stage implantation, after the implant is installed, a healing cap is placed and the patient must wait until the implant takes root. In the case of one-stage implantation, after the installation of the implant, an abutment is placed – the necessary link between the implant and the crown of the tooth, the crown itself is actually attached to it, and then there is a short break.

After the operation, it is necessary to give the patient 2-4 months for healing and recovery (open method). In the case of closed sinus lift and the presence of favorable conditions, the implant is placed immediately.

The orthopedic stage of dental implantation is the final one, here the result will be beautiful new strong ceramic teeth. After the implants have healed, the dentist takes impressions from the gums and dentition to make a crown. Zirconium crowns are considered the best today. Cermet crowns will be cheaper, but not as strong as zirconia. In any case, everyone chooses for himself – in QRD Dental dentistry any options are possible.

Turnkey dental implantation prices

The price for a turnkey implantation varies greatly in Kyiv clinics. There is an opinion that the installation of an implant is very expensive, available only to people with high incomes – and that’s why many do not dare to learn in more detail the issue of the formation of the cost of dental implantation.

Dreaming of turning dental implantation into a conveyor belt, some clinics advertise “cheap implantation”: supposedly for 6000-8000 UAH you can put both an implant and a crown, and everything is turnkey! In fact, the patient will be disappointed when he follows the low cost of dental implantation.

As soon as you want to learn a little more in detail, you will immediately understand where they save on you – either the implant will be of the lowest quality, or they simply “forgot” to include the work of specialists in the price, or they will select the cheapest crown, or they will find other problems and impose procedures, which will require additional payment.

And also very often cheap work ends with cracks in the crown, implant, lack of warranty, constant aching pain due to non-compliance with the technology and many other problems that you will most likely get for a “low cost of turnkey implantation”.

Remember the proverb: the miser pays twice! It is not worth paying with your health for the desire of some dentists to earn money for you with an easy marketing fraud.

At the same time, the high cost of implants in other clinics (from the so-called luxury segment) is unambiguously overestimated and forms a stereotype of the high cost of implantation. Prices of 5000-8000 euros for a turnkey implantation of one tooth, of course, please only dentists. But do not think that such a pricing policy is a widespread practice.

In QRD dentistry, prices for the best in the world according to many doctors, Swiss Straumann implants are optimal, unlike many competitors. At the same time, the guarantee for such an implant is a lifetime!

QRD dentistry also has a more budget option for dental implants using high-quality Korean Dentis implants. In this case, turnkey implantation with a crown will cost less, however, the implantation procedure will also be carried out at a high professional level.

You can learn more about prices in the corresponding section of the site.

We can also supply crowns for implants of any other company. We have all the necessary tools and materials to make crowns for any implant system. Therefore, if you have previously installed implants and you need to place a crown, feel free to contact our clinic. We guarantee quality and a professional tactful approach to each patient of our clinic.

What is important to know about turnkey dental implantation?

Without a doubt, everyone who decided to install implants is interested in a number of issues in addition to the cost of this procedure. We have tried to answer the most common of them as fully as possible. If you do not find the answer to a question that worries you – call us! Our consultants will be happy to provide detailed advice.

Are there any contraindications for dental implantation?

Dental implantation involves surgery, therefore, it has a number of contraindications. There are temporary contraindications that require postponing the procedure. These include:

  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Age (dental implantation is not advisable for men under 25 and women under 23)
  • Malocclusion
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases
  • Inflammatory processes in the oral cavity and nasopharynx

There are also absolute contraindications:

  • Diseases of the blood
  • Oncology
  • Endocrine Disorders
  • Immunodeficiency and conditions that are accompanied by immunodeficiency

If you have one of the above diseases, don’t be upset. Please contact QRD Dental specialists. We will definitely select alternative options for solving the issue of tooth restoration for you.

How long will dental implants last?

Compared to a regular filling, you can be sure that these teeth will last you long enough. An implant is an artificial root made of titanium, and this metal has very good properties: low density and fairly high strength. By the way, there are some interesting facts about dental implantation.

It turns out that titanium was discovered back in 1795, and was first used for surgical repositions only in 1951. Now it is actively used to create blanks for implants, on which dentists then attach an artificial high-strength tooth. With proper daily care, they will serve you from 15 to 30 years (the implants themselves serve a lifetime, and the crowns – 10-15 years and more).

Which is better: dental implantation or bridgework

When only a hole remains from the tooth, you need to hurry to the dentist. This is necessary because teeth are filling the space, that means they can move, which leads to malocclusion and other health problems.

When urgent help is needed, tooth misalignment can be a big problem. If you decide to put a bridgework, then be prepared that this will damage the adjacent teeth. As for dental implantation, this solution is much better, because other teeth are not affected during dental operations. Keeping your health is the most important thing.

How quickly do dental implants take root in the mouth?

There are several myths on this subject. Some argue that artificial teeth may not take root, and thus frighten those who have finally decided to take up their smile. But this is far from true, since modern dental implants are made from materials that are easily perceived by the human body.

For example, Straumann implants have an engraftment period of a calendar month, which allows you to have a permanent crown in a month and a half and restore a lost tooth in such a short time.

How long does dental implantation take?

Often those who decide to renew their smile are nervous and terribly afraid when they come to the dentist. Of course, at first it may look scary, but in fact, everything is not as scary as it seems from the outside. All you need is a little discipline and patience. Dental implants can be installed in 4 or 5 visits to the doctor, but these visits will take 2-3 months.

Still thinking whether to install dental implants? Call us right now and come for a consultation with a dentist – you can ask questions and get the necessary answers. Do not put off until later what can significantly improve your life today. Take the first step to dental implantation with QRD Dental. Make an appointment with us right now!

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