Diagnostics and consultation

More than 7 billion people live on planet Earth, of which 92% do not brush their teeth correctly. Just imagine! Another part goes to the dentist less than 2 times a year, some part does not go at all. And it would be better if everyone made an appointment with a dentist to preserve their beautiful smile and not lose their teeth. The above are not just numbers, they are facts that prove that everything must be approached seriously.

Сonsulting doctors

Why do I need a dentist consultation

When the temperature rises, you go to the therapist. When the ear hurts – to the otolaryngologist. And when the tooth “aches” or the gums become inflamed, one should consult a dentist. After all, before starting treatment, the doctor needs to find out what was the root cause of the problem, diagnose, carefully examine and only then draw up a plan of follow-up actions. You ask: “And if nothing hurts?”. We will answer that in this case you need to undergo an inspection in order to make sure that everything is in order!

What is included in the dentist consultation

First, the doctor should examine the oral cavity. Assess the condition of the teeth. Become familiar with what is bothering you. Identify areas that require immediate treatment. Usually, after this, the dentist creates a medical record and gradually prescribes the procedures that will need to be completed. Also, at the dentist’s consultation, you can learn how to properly care for your teeth, when you need to come to the next check, do you need professional brushing, and find answers to other questions you are interested in.

Can I get an online consultation with a dentist?

Modern technology allows you to do anything you like, at least take an online tour. But, you see, it’s better to see Mona Lisa standing in the Louvre than to zoom in on the laptop screen? The same goes for teeth. The doctor must consider the problem in order to prescribe the exact treatment. Therefore, a full-time consultation with a dentist is always better. But we do not exclude the possibility that you can consult a doctor online or by phone. You can call the QRD Dental clinic at a convenient time, and they will help you decide on how to proceed in a particular situation that has developed in the oral cavity.

Benefits of Dental Consultation at QRD Dental Clinic

Every dental doctor wants to help his Client keep the smile that was given to us by nature, and if necessary, improve it so that you like to smile at the world! In the QRD clinic, experienced professionals will find a solution to how to do this at the highest level, namely with comfort, painlessly and efficiently.

Before you develop a treatment plan, you must definitely consult your dentist.
So call us right now and make an appointment! Entrust your teeth to professionals, they know exactly how to handle them!

The author of the article
Makhinya Valery

Medical director, dentist-orthopedis

Experience 13 years

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