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You can get an appointment with a periodontist in Kyiv by visiting our QRD Dental clinic. When bacteria attack the mouth, the gums become inflamed. And in order to cure them, you need to contact a specialist in the department of periodontology.

It is the periodontist who deals with the treatment of gums, as well as bone tissue, where the dental roots are located. Very often, patients do not pay attention when the first symptoms appear, making, sometimes, an unforgivable mistake.

If you do not pay attention to bleeding gums, swelling, discoloration of the gums and other very obvious symptoms, you can simply lose a tooth or even a few.

A good periodontist in Kyiv is a highly demanded specialist. Indeed, even such a common procedure as professional oral hygiene differs depending on the condition and individual characteristics of the gums.

According to the World Health Organization, approximately every fourth inhabitant of the planet needs treatment by a periodontist. However, only a few people know about such a dental specialty. So, let’s figure out – who is a periodontist, what issues are solved by periodontology and, of course, why you should come to our QRD dental clinic for an appointment with a periodontist.

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Periodontics from QRD Dental

Periodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the problem of inflammation of the gums and bone tissue under them. All types of gum inflammation, the presence of supra- and subgingival dental deposits, exposure of the roots of the teeth – all these problems are solved by a periodontist.

Periodontics from QRD Dental in Kyiv not only has highly qualified doctors and the latest treatment methods, but is also good at diagnostics of periodontal diseases at the earliest stages.

In our QRD dental dentistry, experienced specialists provide a range of services for the prevention of periodontal diseases. After all, as you know, it is much easier to prevent a problem than to deal with it later.

What diseases does periodontology deal with?

Periodontists treat oral diseases such as periodontitis and gingivitis.

As a rule, periodontitis (inflammation of the periodontal tissues, that is, the gums and jaw bones) develops due to the presence of aggressive microflora in the oral cavity and problems with hygiene. The buildup of bacteria leads to plaque and tartar, which in turn lead to inflammation and bleeding.

Constant irritation of the gums by dental deposits leads to the fact that the level of the gums begins to decrease, while simultaneously absorbing the bone tissue around the teeth and exposing their roots.

In severe cases, the teeth in the affected areas may begin to loosen and fall out. Fortunately, such an aggressive trend is the exception rather than the rule. Nevertheless, when the first symptoms appear, you need to consult a periodontist, and even better – regularly undergo a preventive examination.

In total, periodontitis has four stages: at the first stage of the disease, you can observe a slight mobility of the teeth, and already at the last stage you can see how the tooth loosens when inhaling and exhaling.

Gingivitis is expressed in the form of gum inflammation, which is also divided into several forms of manifestation.

In severe stages of periodontitis, facial surgeons may also be involved in treatment. For example, in the case when bone grafting is required – at the third and fourth stages of periodontitis, augmentation (implantation) of bone tissue may be required.

When do you need to see a periodontist?

Probably everyone knows that you have to go to the dentist every six months. Unfortunately, the pace of life in a city like Kyiv often disturbs the schedules. Therefore, preventive measures are postponed until later. But how do you know when to postpone is no longer worth it?

If you are worried about bleeding from the gums while brushing your teeth or while eating, this may be one of the first symptoms of starting periodontitis. Teeth sensitivity from cold air or drinks is most often a symptom of tooth decay or thin enamel. But sometimes this is the first sign of exposure of the roots of the teeth, which is not yet visible with the eye.

An experienced periodontist will see the cause of the problem and help solve it. Exposure of roots, loosening of the teeth and “running away” of the gums appear already at the serious stages of the development of periodontitis and often require surgical treatment. That is why gum disease is best treated in the early stages, when conservative measures may be enough.

How is the treatment carried out by a periodontist?

  • If you have never visited a periodontist before, then you will undoubtedly have many questions about what happens at an appointment with this specialist, how to prepare for an appointment and what treatment may follow.Before treatment, the doctor carries out a complete diagnosis of your oral cavity:
    • Filling in an expanded periodontal card;
    • X-ray diagnostics;
    • Visual examination under a microscope;
    • Consultation.

    Based on the results of the diagnosis, we determine the degree of the disease and carry out the appropriate treatment, which often includes:

    • Removal of supragingival dental plaque in order to start cleaning the root from tartar;
    • Cleaning and smoothing the root surface using Hu-Friedy hand tools for subgingival cleaning;
    • Antiseptic treatment of periodontal pockets;
    • Over- and subgingival polishing with Air-Flow air-abrasive systems with individual selection of the degree of abrasiveness of the powder;
    • Hygiene lesson with selection and distribution of oral care products;
    • If necessary, antibiotic and ozone therapy is performed.

Periodontists in QRD dental

Our clinic is attended by an experienced periodontist, who, in addition to specialized education and high qualifications, is constantly improving his knowledge along with the development of medicine and periodontology in particular.

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