Dental crowns in Kyiv
Коронки на зуби у Києві

Crowns are one of the types of prosthetics used for severely damaged or missing teeth. Dental crowns have been used since ancient times. These are the same “golden teeth” that we all heard about in childhood, and sometimes even saw with our own eyes in our older relatives. Previously, metal crowns were used for prosthetic restorations. They performed their function  quite well, but they had a less aesthetic appearance.

Dentistry, like any field of medicine, is constantly developing. Metal-ceramic and all-ceramic crowns have replaced metal ones.

Metal-ceramic crowns

Metal-ceramic crowns have a rather aesthetic appearance at a relatively low price. The frame of the crown is metal, while the outer part is ceramic. Due to the metal frame, this type of crown is quite strong, and due to the ceramic layering, such teeth preserve the aesthetic appearance in the dental arch.

However, metal-ceramic crowns have certain disadvantages.

The first is the risk of local reactions when in contact with the metal frame. Some types of metal used in the creation of crowns can cause allergies.

The second can be gum discoloration and darkening of the tooth beneath the crown. This is caused by oxidation processes due to the contact of metal and saliva.

Cercon zirconia crowns

Ceramic crowns made of zirconia dioxide are considered the best choice today for the restoration of molar teeth. Sufficiently strong, aesthetically perfect – they copy the appearance and shape of the patient’s own teeth as closely as possible.

Zirconia crowns hardly ever cause local reactions, they are installed when patients have metal allergies.

E-max ceramic crowns

This type of crowns is used to restore front teeth. They are highly aesthetic, although they are quite fragile. Such crowns are made of lithium disilicate, this material, like zirconia, typically does not cause negative reactions.

Special adhesive is used to install such crowns. Thanks to it, ceramic crowns are firmly held for a long time.

Сonsulting doctors

The process of placing dental crowns at QRD-Dental

Процес встановлення коронок на зуби в QRD-Dental

The installation of crowns at our clinic, QRD Dental, involves several stages. However, to begin with, you need to receive a consultation from a dentist to evaluate the condition of your oral cavity and determine whether crown prosthetics are suitable for your specific case

The first stage is the preparation for crown prosthetics.

Before moving on to prosthetics, you need to make sure that there is no dental calculus, gum inflammation or untreated caries. If there are any of the diseases listed above, therapeutic treatment is carried out. Next, it is needed to prepare the tooth itself including root canal treatment if necessary, or in cases of severe damage or tooth loss, the placement of an implant.

The second stage is the preparation for crown fabrication. Previously, dentists worked with impressions, but the QRD Dental clinic has a special teeth scanner. Now all work is carried out in a fully digital protocol.

Crowns, overlays, veneers –  they are all fabricated without the need for dental impressions. This allows for highly precise restoration design, minimizing discomfort for the patient.

The third stage is the installation of a temporary crown.

At this stage, the tooth is prepared to accommodate the crown.

A temporary crown is installed for the period while the crown is being made in the dental laboratory based on the impression taken.

And the final stage is the installation of the crown.

The fabrication of the crown takes about two weeks, after which the temporary crown is removed and the permanent one is installed. This is done using a special cement or photo-polymerizing adhesive, depending on the type of crown.

The dentists at QRD Dental clinic will professionally and effectively solve the problem of missing or damaged teeth. We specialize in complex cases and help restore chewing function and the aesthetic appearance of our patients’ smiles.

We always provide a guarantee for the treatment performed, because we use only high-quality materials, and our doctors are true professionals in their field.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a dentist’s consultation, please contact us  through the available methods provided on our website. We will gladly provide you with all the necessary information and find a convenient time for the consultation.

The cost of the service

Вартість послуги

The cost of crown installation varies in each individual case and depends on many factors. The average cost of a metal-ceramic crown with installation is around UAH 9,000, a ceramic crown is about UAH 14,000.  However, the dentist will calculate the cost on an individual basis.

As for veneers, the average cost is estimated to be around UAH 18,000, but the cost may vary depending on the number of veneers that are planned to be installed.

More accurate prices, taking into account the preparation for prosthetics with crowns, will be announced to you by the dentist during the initial consultation and when developing the treatment plan.

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Korol Taras

Orthopedic doctor, gnatologist

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    Evgeny Zakharov
    Evgeny Zakharov
    25 days ago

    Після успішного пломбування зубних каналів та підготовки зуба була успішно встановлена коронка на зуб. Таким чином, у клініці QRD Dental Мені вдалося врятувати зуб, який у інших Київських клініках навіть не бралися лікувати.
    Дякую за якісну роботу!

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