Ceramic dental overlays in Kyiv

Керамічні накладки на зуби

Ceramic overlays are one of the possible options for restoration of damaged teeth. They are made of ceramics and have a monolithic structure, so when fixed, they become seamlessly integrated with the tooth.

Today, this is a quite popular solution in dentistry. With the help of overlays, you can preserve the chewing function of the teeth, correct smile defects, prevent tooth decay, and prevent the development of pathological processes in the jaw.

The ceramic overlay is a strong orthopedic structure, with its  basis consisting of lithium-disilicate, providing durability, resistance to external stimuli and the complete absence of shrinkage.

Types of ceramic overlays

These orthopedic structures are divided into 3 types, depending on the extent of tooth tissue coverage:

  • Inlay –  is on the chewing surface and does not go over the ridges of the tooth
  • Onlay – it covers the chewing surface and completely or partially goes over the ridges of the tooth
  • Overlay – it completely covers the chewing surface and humps of the tooth, it can even reach the contact surfaces between the teeth in the dental row.

The dentist determines exactly what type the patient needs, depending on the area of destruction or damage to the tooth crown.

Сonsulting doctors

Indications and contraindications for ceramic overlays restoration

Показання та протипоказання до реставрації керамічними накладками

Indications for the use of these structures include:

  • extensive damage of the chewing (or incisal) surface of the tooth exceeding 30%
  • unaesthetic appearance of the teeth, the presence of chips, cracks, stains or unevenness
  • bruxism, which is pathological tooth wear
  • large gaps between the teeth

Contraindications to the procedure are few and some of them are relative, or temporary in nature.

Contraindications include the presence of an inflammatory process in the oral cavity, periodontitis, malocclusion, insufficient crown part of the teeth, as well as the period of pregnancy and lactation, exacerbation of chronic diseases and acute viral infections.

Advantages of ceramic overlays

Ceramic overlays, like other types of ceramic restorations, have their advantages, which make them a preferred treatment option for restoring damaged teeth. Some notable advantages include:

  • Wear resistance – ceramics have a wear coefficient that closely resembles enamel, Ceramic restorations exhibit similar expansion and contraction coefficients to the hard tissues of the teeth, resulting in excellent wear resistance.
  • versatility – we can use overlays at different levels of tooth tissue destruction, from minor lesions to destructions that reach 70% of the chewing surface
  • durability of structures – these constructions have a predicted service life of more than 10 years, providing long-lasting results
  • Precise fit, which allows you to significantly reduce the risk of tooth sensitivity and secondary caries development.

The use of ceramic overlays offers aesthetic benefits as well, such as improving the appearance of the smile, restoring tooth shape, and enhancing overall dental aesthetics.

Installation of ceramic overlays at QRD-Dental

Встановлення керамічних накладок у QRD-Dental

Installation of ceramic overlays in the QRD Dental clinic involves several stages. During the first consultation, the dentist will evaluate the condition of the oral cavity and determine the suitability of a ceramic overlay restoration. Next, the doctor develops a treatment plan. In any case, before installing an overlay, all the necessary tooth treatment needs to be performed.

After the treatment, the dentist will take an impression of a tooth and send it to the dental technician to make the overlay. A temporary filling is placed on the patient during this period.

During the second visit, the temporary filling is removed, and the overlay made by the dental technician is installed  using a special dental cement.

At any of the stages of installation of the ceramic overlay, you will be informed about all the procedures being carried out, about the peculiarities of oral hygiene during the waiting period and after the installation of the ceramic overlay.

We provide a guarantee for the treatment, because we are confident in the qualifications of our clinic’s dentists and the quality of the materials we use to manufacture and install overlays.

If you have any doubts, you can always contact us and ask questions via phone or messenger.

The price of ceramic overlays

Ціна керамічних накладок

The price of ceramic overlays will vary depending on the complexity of the restoration in each individual case. If you are interested in the range of prices for such a service, you can call us at the phone number listed on the website and get all the information you need from our administrator.

However, it is still important to note that the dentist will inform you about the final cost of the treatment, and whether restoration with ceramic overlays is possible at all, after examining the oral cavity.

At the QRD Dental clinic, we prioritize the health of our patients and are always looking for the best way to solve the problem they come to us with. So, if the dentist determines that ceramic overlays are not suitable for you, they will definitely offer you an alternative treatment option.

By choosing QRD Dental, you are guaranteed to be satisfied with the treatment provided and the result achieved.

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Makhinya Valery

Medical director, dentist-orthopedis

Experience 14 years

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