Pull out a wisdom tooth

Before tear out a wisdom tooth, it is worth knowing: how is this done, is it possible to avoid pain, and what consequences will the dentist’s decision lead. The very word “snatch” already sounds painful, but only because of our deep imagination.

Modern dentistry QRD Dental Clinic does everything possible so that clients do not feel pain both before and after the operation. A dentist will do anesthesia for several hours. Of course, after her time is up, you may experience discomfort, but you can get rid of them with painkillers. The doctor will directly tell you everything and write how to alleviate the pain yourself, already during the consultation. By the way, in the clinic it’s free!

Is it possible to tear out a wisdom tooth under general anesthesia

It all depends on your pain threshold! There are a number of reasons why an operation can be performed under general anesthesia. For example, intolerance to general anesthetics, a large amount of work that requires several procedures, high emetic reflex, panic attacks of the patient.

But if you decide tear out a wisdom tooth under general anesthesia, then consider that it is harder to tolerate than others. Before the doctor starts the operation, he must conduct a comprehensive examination.

It is not recommended to use this method of pain relief for those who have anemia, epilepsy, diabetes, asthma, diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular system, as well as during pregnancy, alcohol intoxication.

Pull out a wisdom tooth: consequences

Unfortunately, complications often arise after removing the figure eight, because this is one of the most difficult operations in dentistry.

The extreme teeth are the largest in the jaw of a person; they have from two to five roots. After extraction there will be a wound that will heal in about a few days.

As soon as you tear out a wisdom tooth, the temperature may rise to 37.5, a slight swelling is also possible. If you find other symptoms: it is difficult to swallow food, the temperature rises, the pain intensifies – be sure to consult a doctor.

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