We are sure that you have repeatedly heard that many people do teeth whitening. This procedure is in great demand in the modern world. After all, everyone dreams of having a Hollywood smile. The Internet discusses various ways to do this at home, but no one gives a guarantee that the result will be exactly as you imagined. In addition, one must be extremely careful because teeth are a “piece of jewelry” gifted to us by nature. And only dentists should deal with such wealth with jewelry precision. Let’s look at a few questions that may arise when whitening teeth.

Does teeth whitening damaging enamel?

This dental procedure is directly related to a change in the color of the enamel. It is tooth enamel that is considered the hardest tissue in the human body. At the same time, damage to the enamel in the wrong treatment or bleaching is quite possible. In order to choose the professional materials and quality bleaching system for your teeth, you need a specialist. In dentistry, QRD Dental will offer you a system of absolutely safe tooth whitening, which practically does not injure the enamel.

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The safest teeth whitening methods

There are many ways, but we will consider the three most effective: laser, photo whitening and chemical tooth whitening. The first method is considered the safest, longest and most expensive. During a session of 2-3 minutes, each tooth is processed, for the entire oral cavity takes 20-40 minutes. Such teeth whitening has its advantages, for example, during the procedure, bacteria are killed that could cause tooth decay. Photobleaching is done for about 1 hour. The procedure is carried out using a gel and a lamp that does not heat the teeth. This method allows you to brighten a smile up to 8 tones. And finally – chemical teeth whitening. It makes the smile lighter up to 12 tones. In this case, the lamps are not used, only gel. The procedure takes about 30 minutes – 1 hour.

How to prepare for teeth whitening

Before you decide to make your smile snow-white, you need to treat your teeth: put fillings, if necessary, prostheses or implants. Gums, by the way, should also be in order. And only after that you can whiten your teeth. We recommend abstaining from this procedure for pregnant women, adolescents under 16 years of age, those who have veneers, periodontitis, who have very sensitive enamel or are allergic to certain components. If you have fillings and you want to whiten your teeth, it is better to contact the dentist in advance to choose everything for the color of a new smile.

What can not be done after teeth whitening

t is recommended for some time after the procedure not to eat foods, as well as drinks that have dyes. You should also refrain from smoking. After teeth whitening, it is better to replace the brush with the one with softer bristles, as the teeth can become more sensitive.
If you still have questions about teeth whitening, be sure to contact the QRD Dental dentistry and come for a consultation. Better yet, call now! We have dentists with extensive experience who know how to help you and will do it in a short time.

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